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Terms and Conditions


TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                                   

  1. Subject Matter of the Contract

By this contract, DKD LINKS VENTURES undertake to supply at the request of the contracting party, a BOSE product subject to the terms of the order and the general terms contained herein.

  1. Subscription to the contract
  • The contract may be subscribed to by the contracting party by completing an application form
  • Available to employees of reputable organizations/institutions
  • Subject to approval by employer
  1. Obligations of DKD LINKS VENTURES
  • Offer 6 to 12 months credit facility for all BOSE products supplied to the contracting party.


  1. Obligations of Contracting Party
  • Agree to ensure all monthly payments/deductions for the duration of the contract be made payable to DKD LINKS VENTURES on the due date as agreed upon by both parties
  • 30% down payment
  • Repayment shall be deducted at source by employer and made payable to DKD LINKS VENTURES for the duration of the agreement
  • Subject to approval
  1. Duration

This contract shall remain in full force for the contract duration from the date of execution.

  1. Consequence
  • Signing up to this agreement, you agree that your employer deduct the monthly repayment for the duration of the agreement and remit same to DKD LINKS at the end of each month
  • BOSE products sold out are NOT returnable
  • Late Payment will attract 5% of cost price per month
  • In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, dismissal or default any amount owning shall be rendered due and payable to DKD LINKS VENTURES by the guarantor/employer.
  • DKD LINKS VENTURES reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary to recover any amount owning,

this may includes disclosure of information relating to the agreement to a third party in breach of the terms and conditions.

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